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Vootprint Event Marketing Solution

Founded by a team of developers and event professionals, Vootprint was set up with a goal to help B2B event organizers to drive successful event marketing strategies through insightful and unbiased AI data analytics, thereby leading to sustainable business growth for all events.

Vootprint event marketing solution is designed to help event organizers build, track and measure participants’ footprint digitally, whenever their event journey start. The three key components of the Vootprint event marketing solution are,

  • Virtual Event Builder - All-in-one Vootprint Virtual Event Builder enables each event organizer customizes their event content, format and journey
  • GlobalExpo-Net – Event portal hosting international B2B virtual events powered by AI recommendation engine that enhance conversion
  • Expo GENie - Organizer Data Analytics Console delivering event marketing intelligence with valuable data insights beyond single event

Unleash the full power of Vootprint event marketing solution.  Build events with Vootprint Virtual Event Builder, host them on GlobalExpo-Net, and let our proprietary Expo GENie analytics console serves you with valuable event data.  Our full event marketing solution puts you in the best strategic position to drive a successful event strategy,  be they virtual, live or hybrid events.

Talk to us. Start integrating Vootprint event marketing solution into your events for a more comprehensive marketing and customer engagement strategy.




Drive engagement

Customisable content format according
to your event strategy, driving optimal


Drive Interaction

Instant chat, messaging, business matching,
networking, communications
made super simple


Build community year-round

Quick and easy to set up
Now you can engage your audience
community as frequent as you want


Monetise Your Event

Build an additional revenue stream with
various monetisation and sponsorship


Enable E-commerce

Secured payment platform ready for your
e-commerce event to take off


Data-driven insights

Build better event strategy with data
insights from virtual events


Amplify potential visitor reach globally

With no geographical boundaries,
generate high volume of quality
leads for your future events


Mobile Compliant and Accessible

Accessible anytime, anywhere!

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