What are the event trends to watch out for in 2022? New year, new challenges! As we navigate the world of events in 2022, what are the trends that event planners and marketers need to keep in mind? Here, we explore some of the top trends that are expected to have a massive impact in […]

CHINACOAT launched a new online platform in Dec 2021, aiming to bring industry players together and help them to match businesses in an ‘Online + Offline’ hybrid format.  During the platform’s live period, 1,400+ Chat communications  between exhibitors and  buyers were recorded, and 800+ e-Business Cards exchanged, together with 5,000+ Exhibitors-related searches and 1,000+ products-related […]

Why virtual events? It’s no longer about the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the most adaptable. In these times of business turmoil brought about by numerous factors – the Covid-19 pandemic being the most testing – companies who were able to pivot and adapt their products and services to rise to the […]

Asia Financial Forum (AFF) is Asia’s premier platform for global leaders in government, finance and business to exchange insights and intelligence as well as to explore business and investment opportunities.  Against the backdrop of a gradual global economic recovery, the 2022 edition of AFF discussed key issues reshaping the ever-changing economic landscape and how the […]

The annual Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF) was conducted in a hybrid format of online and in-person participation. It generated 130 hours of content, with different Digital Entertainment Experience Zones. The event drew a total of 1,800 participants from close to 30 countries and regions and more than 600,000 views online.  Modules: O2O Registration | […]

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) organized a virtual information day targeted for undergraduate admissions. Visitors were able to engage in real-time consultation and live-chat with HKUST professors, admission officers and students through its range of department/ program booths. Visitors were also able to join virtual campus tour on the platform to explore […]

Vootprint was appointed as the Virtual Event Platform provider for Belt and Road Summit. With Vootprint’s unique and highly customizable modules, organizers and over 60 exhibitors were able to easily manage and create their exhibition booths on the platform.  The virtual summit was held seamlessly and efficiently, contributing to: 18,000+ viewers 60+ exhibitors 770 one-to-one […]

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