GlobalExpo-Net (GEN), powered by Vootprint, is a centralized platform where event user can have access to information on a broad array of B2B virtual and hybrid (i.e. a combination of physical and virtual) expo and events held across the globe. We enable global B2B events across different industry sectors to be more accessible to all […]

Most virtual event platform can collect data performance such as event registration, attendee engagement, attendee registration, online visits, app visits, polling and etc. Some platforms offer automated data analytic tools to event organizers. For Vootprint Virtual Event Platform as an example, it collects data through its admin portal and transform to data-driven insights via its automated ExpoGENie.  […]

Due to the benefits of running a virtual event, B2B events across all industry sectors are organized around the globe daily. Make sure you will not miss any opportunities to communicate with your desired B2B event stakeholders and get the latest event updates and insights, Sign In now to be part of the GEN Community.   […]

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