Below are some of the Event Modules provided by Vootprint Virtual Event Solutions:

  • AI Business Matching – highly personalised recommendations powered by AI.  From scheduling to business matching meetings all on one platform. Attendees can communicate on the platform in different formats: Live Chat, Messaging, Video meetings.  The AI engine aggregates data to enhance event attendee experience. International friendly, including China. 
  • Social Networking Lounge – is a good tool to drive engagement and interaction, usually use for meetups, private meetings, focused groups, etc. Flexible set-ups cater for all sizes of online networking events.  International friendly, including China.
  • Exhibition booths – ideal for individual exhibitor showcase.  Each exhibitor can customize their booth appearance, look and feel, and even booth representatives, for corporate branding.  Build it with various marketing assets to attract attendees.  Each exhibit booths are built-in with tools like chat, schedule a meeting, and name card exchange.  All booth activities and data are being captured on exhibitor admin portal.
  • Product Showcase – virtual product gallery. Support 2D and 3D product view for best audience engagement.  
  • Webinar – International friendly, including China.  Support both live and on-demand according to event needs.  User-friendly interface.  Can support up to over 1000+ online attendees.  Easy set-up.  Support chat, Q&A, polling and survey.
  • Marketing Module – integrated email marketing module managed from platform’s organizer admin portal.  Easy to track results for follow-up actions. 
  • E-commerce – secured payment gateway.  Vootprint event platform supports:

          Online only: Alipay


  • Gamification – various gamification modules to drive engagement and help retain attendees to the event.  Customization option is also available.
  • Organizer Dashboard – gives event organisers real-time view of all important event data, from number of participants to their demographic profile, to views, to engagement in each of the activities under the event’s umbrella. 




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