What are the event trends to watch out for in 2022? New year, new challenges! As we navigate the world of events in 2022, what are the trends that event planners and marketers need to keep in mind? Here, we explore some of the top trends that are expected to have a massive impact in […]

Why virtual events? It’s no longer about the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the most adaptable. In these times of business turmoil brought about by numerous factors – the Covid-19 pandemic being the most testing – companies who were able to pivot and adapt their products and services to rise to the […]

HYBRID – A word you will see more in 2021 2021 is approaching and every marketers gonna plan ahead for the coming year. What you cannot miss out in your proposal is the word “HYBRID” as it is a key element of sustainable business strategies. Under such pandemic era, fear can’t help and let’s embrace […]

Why we should go virtual Comparison of physical VS virtualIn 2020, we are witnessing a substantial growth in the virtual events market. A lot of sizable physical events came onto the digital ecosystem and “going virtual” has obviously become the new norm. Still hesitant about tapping on the virtual event technology? Here is a comparison […]

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