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Below are some of the Event Modules provided by Vootprint Virtual Event Solutions:

  • AI Business Matching – highly personalised recommendations powered by AI.  From scheduling to business matching meetings all on one platform. Attendees can communicate on the platform in different formats: Live Chat, Messaging, Video meetings.  The AI engine aggregates data to enhance event attendee experience. International friendly, including China. 
  • Social Networking Lounge – is a good tool to drive engagement and interaction, usually use for meetups, private meetings, focused groups, etc. Flexible set-ups cater for all sizes of online networking events.  International friendly, including China.
  • Exhibition booths – ideal for individual exhibitor showcase.  Each exhibitor can customize their booth appearance, look and feel, and even booth representatives, for corporate branding.  Build it with various marketing assets to attract attendees.  Each exhibit booths are built-in with tools like chat, schedule a meeting, and name card exchange.  All booth activities and data are being captured on exhibitor admin portal.
  • Product Showcase – virtual product gallery. Support 2D and 3D product view for best audience engagement.  
  • Webinar – International friendly, including China.  Support both live and on-demand according to event needs.  User-friendly interface.  Can support up to over 1000+ online attendees.  Easy set-up.  Support chat, Q&A, polling and survey.
  • Marketing Module – integrated email marketing module managed from platform’s organizer admin portal.  Easy to track results for follow-up actions. 
  • E-commerce – secured payment gateway.  Vootprint event platform supports:
          Online only: Alipay  
  • Gamification – various gamification modules to drive engagement and help retain attendees to the event.  Customization option is also available.
  • Organizer Dashboard – gives event organisers real-time view of all important event data, from number of participants to their demographic profile, to views, to engagement in each of the activities under the event’s umbrella. 

All modules are cloud-native, accessible anytime and anywhere.  Event organizers can integrate different modules into an event for different goals, be it for attendee engagement, generating new demand, brand building, social networking and so forth. Every event can be unique and run differently. 

Vootprint Virtual Event Solutions adopt AWS CDN services which enable content and video stream to China steadily.        

Each event can be different.  It is highly dependable on your event goals. Based on our clients’ feedback, the following modules are their favourite picks for driving specific event objectives:

Modules Attendee Engagement Generating New Demand Brand Building Social Networking Customer Retention Revenue Goals
AI-Business Matching
Event Branding
Exhibition Booths
Livestream Broadcast
Product Showcase
Social Networking Lounges
Live Webinars
  These are just some examples. Contact our associate to learn how Vootprint can help.         

  • Security - a single source of truth for event and attendee information
  • Data Collection - all data kept in one secure location where attendee’s journey from event registration to dwell time can be tracked
  • User Friendliness - one secure login for each user regardless how they interact with the event
  • Flexibility - the ability to scale your events whether virtual or hybrid with the best suite functions and features 

The platform interface is user-friendly. However, we also provide tools to help you succeed. 

    1. Step-by-step playbook or user manual – guide users through a step-by-step guide on how to set up each event module on Vootprint Virtual Event Solutions. 
    2. Email – we have a pledge to response within 12 hours or less

Your success matters to us. You can contact us anytime should you encounter problem when setting up your Vootprint virtual event. 

Version Free Vootprint Lite Vootprint Customized
Remote Support
Dedicated Associate

This entirely depends on the complexity and scale of your event. The number of modules selected will also affect the set-up time. In some cases, it takes just 3 days to set up a virtual event using Vootprint Virtual Event Solutions.

Yes, absolutely.  Vootprint Virtual Event Platform is built in with a Marketing Module which you can directly send email invitations to your customers, track email campaign effectiveness and conversion data. 

You can also set up reminder email campaign using the same Marketing Module to keep your customers engaged and informed on event updates.  

Yes. Vootprint Virtual Event Platform comes with optional payment gateway to facilitate online transaction and ticket selling.

Yes.  Vootprint Virtual Event Platform is cloud-based with severs set up in different continents to ensure speed and accessibility.  Our platform adopts AWS CDN services to ensure events on the Vootprint Virtual Event Platform is China-friendly.

As an event organizer, your can access to the data on registration, attendee’s journey, webinar view, business matching and keyword search. 

Yes. All the event performance data can be exported by Organizer in CSV or EXCEL format.

Vootprint Virtual Event Platform supports “Event Portfolio” (i.e. multiple events under the same industry theme) with its unique architecture.  All event data from your events can be gathered, cross-mapped, modelling, and specific according to your analytical needs using our Organizer Event Analytic Console.  With the insights driven by events, it’s much easier for you to understand your attendee engagement patterns to help you build more successful future events, whether they are virtual or hybrid.  

  • Physical – All attendees are physically present in one location
  • Virtual – People attend the event entirely online
  • Hybrid – Some people attend in person, others online

Virtual – The cost on running a virtual event is lower compared to a physical event. It allows a broader reach to participants from all around the world at any time. It has a much quicker turnaround time to usually a year-long planned physical event.

Hybrid – In-person provides attendees with the opportunity to make a tangible connection but offers the flexibility to remote attendance in joining the event online.   

Here are some examples, 

Event Format Pros Cons

Higher audience engagement

Meeting face-to-face 

Best for experiential marketing

Higher cost

Long turnaround time

Space constraints


Lower cost

Faster turnaround time

Broader reach

More sustainable

No face-to-face interactions

Harder to engage audience

Not ideal for longer events

Network or platform instability


Offer options for attendees

More sponsorship options

Wider reach

More complex

More resources

More costly


  • Live-streaming is streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time over the Internet.
  • Webinar is an event held virtually which is attended exclusively by an online audience. Majority of webinars are around 60 minutes.
  • Conference, a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days. 
  • Summit is a conference of highest-level officials such as heads of governments. Events usually last 2 to 4 days. 

It is segmented into online webinar, conference, summits, virtual trade shows and exhibitions, career fairs or job fairs, academic information day, festivals, and hybrid event. Learn more.  

Most virtual event platform can collect data performance such as event registration, attendee engagement, attendee registration, online visits, app visits, polling and etc. Some platforms offer automated data analytic tools to event organizers.

For Vootprint Virtual Event Platform as an example, it collects data through its admin portal and transform to data-driven insights via its automated ExpoGENie    

Due to the benefits of running a virtual event, B2B events across all industry sectors are organized around the globe daily. Make sure you will not miss any opportunities to communicate with your desired B2B event stakeholders and get the latest event updates and insights, Sign In now to be part of the GEN Community.      

GlobalExpo-Net (GEN), powered by Vootprint, is a centralized platform where event user can have access to information on a broad array of B2B virtual and hybrid (i.e. a combination of physical and virtual) expo and events held across the globe. We enable global B2B events across different industry sectors to be more accessible to all event users, no matter where your interest lies.

Organizers can list their events on GlobalExpo-Net for free.

We also aim to become an active hub for the exchange of market trends and event tips between organizers and B2B event users. Sign up as a member of GEN Community where it enables you to access customized functions, recommendations, events updates, and chances to communicate with other business event stakeholders.  

As an event visitor, you can easily discover over 5000+ latest worldwide B2B events across all industry sectors on one centralized platform. You can customize your search through Event Type including career fair, conference, trade show, summit and virtual and/or its over 50+ event categories. 

By joining the GlobalExpo-Net Community , you can have access to customized functions, recommendations, events updates, and chances to communicate with other business event stakeholders.  

As an event organizer, you can list your events on GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) for free. A great way to get amplified exposure across multiple regions and industries of your event to targeted communities.

To host your virtual event professionally on an automated and reliable virtual platform, you may consider Vootprint solutions .

Listing your event on GlobalExpo-Net is free.

The GEN Community is an active hub for the exchange of B2B market trend and event tips to event users. We named them as GEN Netizen.

GEN Netizen can bookmark and set up personal reminders on GEN event platform based on areas of interest. By joining the GlobalExpo-Net Community, you can access to GEN’s webinar and knowledge-based articles.   

You can be a GEN Netizen of the GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) Community by completing an application form online with few simple clicks. The subscription is easy and free.  

GlobalExpo-Net centralized platform is open to all B2B event users. You can browse business events without logging in as GEN Netizen. Yet, creating an account on GlobalExpo-Net enables you to access customized functions, recommendations, and chances to communicate with other business event stakeholders.

Learn more on the benefits of being a Visitor or Event Organizer.  

All virtual events can be captured, analysed, and reported. As an organizer, you can be assigned with the right to access and download specific data on your events from the admin portal. 

Expo GENie is a unique event data analytics console developed by a team of AI and data experts from Vootprint solutions . By utilizing top-notch AI calculations, event organizer can obtain sophisticated data-driven insights and generate accessible dashboards.   

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