HYBRID – A word you will see more in 2021

2021 is approaching and every marketers gonna plan ahead for the coming year. What you cannot miss out in your proposal is the word “HYBRID” as it is a key element of sustainable business strategies. Under such pandemic era, fear can’t help and let’s embrace the new normal to create an even bigger win-win situation. We can’t just keep an eye or play by ear to postpone the marketing campaigns, plan something that can be held no matter what is going to be happened.

And indeed, most marketers think hybrid is the new normal as it helps reaching more participants and extending the reach of your message. Virtual delegates can participate anytime and anywhere that means more flexibility. Organizers can even think of combining multiple events that occur concurrently or at different times or locations to maximize the attendance.

So what you need to consider when you choose a virtual event platform for your event:

Flexible platform: Choose the one which is compatible with different systems or apps that allow more functions inside the platform.
A platform owner that understand event: Technology is critical, but team that have event/ exhibition background always create more functions that fit your marketing needs
Leads generation that worth: Identify the platform that have function such as business matching to generate business for your team. At the end of the day, everyone is focused on “ROI”.
Data generation for your next events: We need data to support our events and all kinds of business activities indeed. A platform with great data analysis tools and easy-to-browse dashboard always make exhibitors and organizers’ future planning easier.

Whether it is a fully virtual event, a hybrid or multi-hub digital event, you have to assess the utmost needs first and then choose the right technical equipment and tools. Contact Vootprint today to see how they can make your next hybrid event comes true!

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