Slide Webinar

Inform audience interactively

Vootprint's Webinar Module is highly customizable with user-friendly interface and features tailored for interaction possibilities, built for all event types and audience sizes. It can support large viewership and the ability to host a large number of simultaneous live-streams and on-demand viewing. All with a mission for the success of your event.

  • Support both live-streams and on-demand according to event needs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can support up to over 1000+ online attendees
  • Support chat, Q&A, polling and survey
  • Can be integrated with any web-based webinar engine, e.g. Webex, TEAM, GoToWebinar, Zoom, etc.
  • International friendly, including China

Expand your global reach

Due to the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the French Chamber of Commerce decided to host one of its signature events, Made in Asia 2020, virtually. Over 600 participants joined the online event. in 2020. High-level sourcing professionals were presented with virtual networking opportunities from anywhere.

Demonstrating once again the key benefits of virtual event where it can be held anywhere and anytime.

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