Why we should go virtual Comparison of physical VS virtual

In 2020, we are witnessing a substantial growth in the virtual events market. A lot of sizable physical events came onto the digital ecosystem and “going virtual” has obviously become the new norm. Still hesitant about tapping on the virtual event technology? Here is a comparison between physical and virtual events.

#1 Cost effectiveness
Physical events incur some fixed expenses such as venue rental, decorations, labour and other overheads. These mandatory expenses usually guarantee an immersive experience for visitors, but if the response turns out to be less overwhelming than expected, the cost-per-attendee can be really high. In contrast, virtual events significantly eliminate the traditional costs. You can deliver the same great content virtually to your audiences with a relatively lower price.

#2 Coverage
Physical events require participants to travel to a specific location, the scale of event is often restricted by venue capacity and geographical boundaries. Thus, there is a maximum number of audiences. But for virtual events, you can access them as long as you have a gadget. Virtual events can also cater participants from every corner of the globe, implying a wider audience group. Besides, physical events have a finite shell-life of 2-3 days while virtual events can last for a few months or even more. The non-time-bound characteristic of virtual event enables it to bring more leads and reach more audiences.

#3 Environmental friendliness
Green marketing is a trend that has sprouted up in recent years, people are now stressing more on eco-friendliness and sustainability. Comparing with physical events that involve massive printing materials and electricity consumption, virtual events could reduce carbon footprint and minimize the damage to the environment.

#4 Data collection
For organizers of physical event, post-show work like data collection and report consolidation is just a nightmare. Data is usually collected during check-in and registration, but it is hard to quantify behavior and interactions of visitors throughout the show. Virtual events, on the other hand allow us to keep track of a comprehensive set of data including the type of content viewed, booths visited, and resources downloaded. It is easier to nurture leads and gain insights.
After all, it is never an either/or question. Virtual events currently have its edge, but that does not mean the demise of physical events. We are human-beings, we long for handshakes, eye contact and connections. For this reason, in-person events will always have their own charm. It is foreseeable that both physical and virtual events would remain in prevalence in any marketing mix. If you want to stay ahead of the game? Opt for hybrid events.

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