GlobalExpo-Net (GEN), powered by Vootprint, is a centralized platform where event user can have access to information on a broad array of B2B virtual and hybrid (i.e. a combination of physical and virtual) expo and events held across the globe. We enable global B2B events across different industry sectors to be more accessible to all […]

The GEN Community is an active hub for the exchange of B2B market trend and event tips to event users. We named them as GEN Netizen. GEN Netizen can bookmark and set up personal reminders on GEN event platform based on areas of interest. By joining the GlobalExpo-Net Community, you can access to GEN’s webinar […]

GlobalExpo-Net centralized platform is open to all B2B event users. You can browse business events without logging in as GEN Netizen. Yet, creating an account on GlobalExpo-Net enables you to access customized functions, recommendations, and chances to communicate with other business event stakeholders. Learn more on the benefits of being a Visitor or Event Organizer.  

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